ALWATAN Security services was established in 1982 and participated in miscellaneous security guarding and on various fields. Guarding filed was not controlled and licensed and the laws were nut established to regulate the security guards work at that period of time.

ALWATAN security services was in tripe of change in the trade name as how it was required for the general interest of the company, On 31/07/2007 a business license was issued in name of Fujairah security services Based on the Federal Law No. 37 of 2006 on the base of organizing the private security sector.

ALWATAN security services have performed the modern security with accords to the Ministerial resolution No.37 / 2006.

ALWATAN security services obtained licenses approved by the Ministry of the Interior Department private security companies to conduct advanced security guard in the following areas: The general security guard, security of hotels, hospitals security, security of banks and the security of vital installations as well as a service to the oil and gas fields onshore and offshore.

On 05/06/2011 the trade name was changed to ALWATAN security services due to the contradiction of the previous name with some of the company general interest

ALWATAN security services is 100% national institution owned by Fujairah-International-Trading, 100% national company also owned by the Fujairah National group 100% national company.

ALWATAN security services is run by retired emirates nationality officers  who have academic training of higher security and developed in leadership positions and military security in the duration of their work, leaving them with considerable experience in the field of security.

guarding, security installations and help them in their work security managers of retired officers and of retirees from retired NCO from Military and the Ministry of interior nationals highly qualified and have previous experience, making ALWATAN security services experienced and capable of dealing with all aspects of security.

The presence of security supervisors Officers and NCO retired from the military from the citizens and other nationalities, which help create a structured of security framework because of the extensive experience with most of those involved in the supervision and training and those responsible for planning and management.

Staff of the ALWATAN security services from the employees of the security sector and military retirees who have extensive experience in that area and the holders of security licenses from the Department of private security companies, each according to his field of specialization leading ultimately to the integration of the security work in the organization.

The company managers and supervisors
 choose individual security gourds from different nationalities citizens of the GCC, Arab countries, India, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries ho speakers and Arabic, English or one of them who have military experience and have a sense of security and discipline and then trained them in the Institutes of private security to reach the level of security required.
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